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Filling equipment

NEOS-12B:New Easy Operation System


500 to 1,700 CPM

※Varies by can size

With 12 heads

Main features

Filling Equipment New Product Introduction
  • Zero oil leakage by adopting world’s first non-contact seal mechanism (Also reduces maintenance cost by eliminating the use of oil seals)

  • Capable of handling light weight can body (No unnecessary load on can body => Can accommodate even lighter cans in the future)

  • All-in-one design with consolidated machine main unit, control panel, operation panel and utility box (No need for piping works between the units on-site)

  • Simple design reduces the number of replacement parts. (Approx. 40% fewer parts as compared to existing model)

  • Timely response to machine troubles by adopting remote control support system (with quick troubleshooting by data logging and predictive maintenance function)

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