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We manufacture and sell can seamers and PET bottle capping machines that represent the hermetic sealing technology we have fostered over many years. We also provide ancillary equipment for can making lines, including inspection machines. In addition, leveraging our broad range of expertise and know-how, we offer filling and packaging systems with high quality and performance for packaging containers from metal cans to PET bottles, flexible packages, plastic cups and glass bottles. Our services include designing of production line layout (equipment selection), installation work, and assistance for stable operation. With our wide range of technologies and abilities to meet various requirements, we have enjoyed support from many domestic and overseas clients.

Total Engineering of Filling and Packaging Lines
What We Do

We will minimize the total cost for equipment introduction that meets our client needs, fully capitalizing on our unique technology and know-how. With safety, security, and high performance as our major focuses, we will offer the most suitable systems as well as maintenance services that allow for stable operation. We also serve our clients from our nationwide service network. Along with our clients, we will make a sustainable contribution to the society with combined efforts of our design and work execution teams.


Filling equipment

Applicable areas of our engineering services
Soft drink manufacturing facilities / Alcoholic drink manufacturing facilities /

Food product manufacturing facilities

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