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Message from the President
Our Principles of Behavior

For over 100 years since founded in 1917, Toyo Seikan Group Engineering Co., Ltd. has engaged in the development of the can and bottle filling industry in Japan as a pioneer of canning machinery production. We design and manufacture, as well as provide installing and after-sales services for, equipment to produce packaging containers such as cans and PET bottles, and machines to fill beverage and other products into those containers. With our wide range of technologies and abilities to meet various requirements, we have enjoyed broad support from container manufacturers, beverage makers and contract filling companies both in Japan and overseas for many years.

We will continue to offer better equipment and systems for the best interests of our clients and contribute to the society through their products, including packaging containers, beverages, and food products.

Trust :

   Improve trust from our clients

Fairness :

   Act fairly and honestly

Challenge :

   Take on challenges, stick to basics

Respect : 

   Respect personality of our colleagues, family members, and business partners

Company Profile

 (clients and suppliers)

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